Relay: Show Anything. Control Anywhere.

2.8" color LCD Wifi-connected displays you can put up anywhere to show messages or pictures.
Control what they're showing from anywhere on Earth. Easy as 1-2-3. Made in the USA.
An Internet of Things gadget that's actually fun, useful, simple, and affordable.

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Display Messages

With Relay, communicating with visitors is as easy as 1-2-3.

The original idea for Relay was a small wifi-connected display you could hang next to your doorbell and tell people things like not ringing the door at certain times because a baby was sleeping, where to leave any packages, when you'll be back, etc. But you can also put Relays anywhere inside or outside the home and office, wherever there's a message you might want to communicate with people, and which you might want to easily change. More fun than sticking up Post-It notes everywhere!

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Display Images

Not just text! Show any pictures you want too!

As they say, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Maybe you just want to wish the mailman a Happy Thanksgiving with a beautiful horn of plenty, or show the neighbors the latest cute addition to your family. Whatever it is, Relay can show it! Just upload the pictures you want to display into your web interface, assign them to the Relay device you want to show them on, and you're all set!

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Simple Web Interface

Control all your Relay devices from anywhere on Earth.

Login to the Relay website from anywhere on the planet and control all your Relay devices from one account. Using our simple web interface, set any of your Relays to display messages (text) or pictures of your choosing. Your Relays check in with our servers every 5 minutes to see if they need to update what they're displaying. Within a few minutes your latest messages/images will be live!

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Show messages to your mailman, your neighbors, and any visitors. Tell people when you'll be around, that you're out for a few minutes, that they shouldn't ring the bell at certain times, or just post a Happy Christmas or Happy 4th of July picture!

Stick a Relay next to your doorbell and tell the world what you're thinking. Forget about sticking up messy post-it notes or taping things to the door. Show any pictures you like besides simple text messages too.

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Relays look as good inside your home or office as they do outside.

Use them for sharing notes to yourself or with family, as conference room status indicators, or just as fun gadgets to have on your desk. All Relays can display current time and date... and they're getting smarter all the time. Relays come in two versions - wall-mounted (with two mounting holes for screws) and desk models.

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New baby? Just married? New four-legged family member adopted?

Put a picture of the little one / happy couple / little-or-not-so little one up and tell the world about it. Or at least, tell visitors, neighbors, the mailman, debt collectors, and whoever else drops by.

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Wish the neighbors a Happy 4th. Or Happy Thanksgiving. Or Happy Christmas. Or Happy Tax Day...

Whatever you wish to send them greetings for, Relay has your back. Easier (and cheaper) than stringing up all those Christmas lights or stocking up on Halloween candy... but you didn't hear that from us :)

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What they were originally meant for. Sometimes you just have important things you just need to get off your chest. Relays are your gadget, no post-its required.

Tell the mailman to leave packages at the door, tell the lawnmower not to trim Aunt Edna's shrubs today, tell customers your office/business is open or closed, tell solicitors to go solicit somewhere else, tell your boss you're out to lunch, gone fishing, resigned, etc.

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Well, if that's your thing, we're not going to judge...

Go ahead, stick one up outside your cube, and rile up your coworkers.

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The uses for relays are only limited by your imagination, which might well be wilder than ours! Though we do have some ideas of our own...

Anywhere you got things to show yourself or other people, and wifi, you can stick up a Relay. In the mood for a digital picture frame perhaps? Done. You could also put a Relay under your control on the desk of a friend or loved one and surprise them with a new picture regularly. Surprise us with the uses you find for them!

Easy as 1-2-3

Relays ship ready to connect to your wifi network. Setting a Relay up is easy and just takes a few seconds.

Wall/Desk Models

Two flavors of Relay. One has mounting holes for securing to walls. The other doesn't and looks great on desks.

Bright 2.8" Screen

Relays feature bright color high resolution displays which can be seen in most lighting conditions.


Display text by entering it into your Relay web account - your Relay will update to it within 5 minutes.


Upload any image you'd like to display on your Relay via your web account. Automatically resized as needed.

Relay API

If you're a coder, Relays feature a powerful API that lets you post to them from other devices with messages for them to show.

Always Improving

We're adding more functionality to Relays all the time. Your web interface will show you the latest tricks available.

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If you are outside the USA, shipping is an additional $19.95/Relay

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• To order more than one Relay, please just place multiple orders for as many Relays as required.
• A charge of $19.95 per Relay will be automatically added to addresses outside the USA to cover international shipping charges.
• USA orders will include a US micro USB power supply and cable. Non-USA orders will include an EU micro USB power supply and cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relay is powered by a microusb power supply, similar to the one used on most phones. A microusb power supply is included with all Relay packages (110V with a US plug for USA orders 220-240V with an EU plug for all others), in a color matching that of the Relay; any other microusb power supply (capable of at least 0.2A in output current) would alternatively also work. The included power cord is approximately 3 feet (0.91m) long. You can also use any other cable you wish if your power outlet happens to be further away than 3 feet from where you'd like to mount your Relay.
They function exactly the same. The only difference is that the wall versions have a couple of mounting holes in the case which allows them to be easily attached to walls. They also ship with a couple of mounting screws to fit those holes (see next question). The desk versions have no such mounting holes. You can see some pictures of the wall and desk versions on this website to compare.
Yes, the wall-mounted versions do come with a pair of mounting screws you can use to secure your Relay to a wall. You may alternatively use any screws you wish that fit our two mounting holes. The screws we provide are suitable for typical masonry walls (brick or concrete) but may also work on wood. Desk Relay versions have no mounting holes so those do not include any screws.
Most orders ship by USPS first class or priority mail within 2 business days. After that, delivery to mainland US addresses takes approximately 3-5 business days. Delivery to US addresses outside the lower 48 states (AK, HI, PR, GU, AS, etc.) may take a few days longer. Delivery to overseas addresses outside the USA varies but typically takes between 2 - 6 weeks.
Shipping is free to all US addresses, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US military overseas, Guam, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Currently we ship to the rest of the world for a flat rate of $19.95 per order. There are a few countries to which we may not be able to ship. If we are unable to ship your order for any reason, you will receive a full refund and your order will be cancelled. Note that some countries may assess customs duties on your shipment; you will be responsible for any such custom charges.
If your question is not already answered in our FAQ, please contact our customer support at Please reference your receipt number from your email receipt when you contact us if your query is in regards to any order you have already placed.
To keep costs low for the benefit of all our customers, we provide support by email only. Our support center is not equipped to receive incoming calls or make outgoing ones. If your question is not already answered in our FAQ, please contact our customer support at Please reference your receipt number from your email receipt when you contact us if your query is in regards to any order you have already placed. We can only take orders via our website and do not operate any phone ordering system.


Relays are designed and made in the USA. Meet the designer...

Relay is designed by Dr Alex Bugeja. Prior to starting Foundry Technologies, an Internet-of-Things company, he was a design engineer at Texas Instruments, working on analog integrated circuits for wireless applications, and subsequently the Founder and CTO of Engim, a venture-backed wifi chip company. He is also the Founder of Traffikoo, an internet marketing and ecommerce software company.

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