The Internet Of Things For People

We create devices, software, and systems that bring the power and convenience of the IoT to people in intuitive and entertaining ways.

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The Internet Of Things For People

Foundry Technologies believes in making the Internet Of Things Fun And Easy.

The power of the Internet of Things is enormous and bound only by our imagination. But with great power comes great responsibility. It is easy to create products that connect to the Internet in some way but it is more challenging to make them meaningful to people, fun to use, and easy to understand. We believe that people should never be made to feel that they are overburdened with too many apps and devices, and that new technologies should always make their lives better or more entertaining in some obvious way.

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Bringing IoT Into Peoples' Lives

Our first product is Relay, a convenient web-connected display that connects wirelessly to your wifi router and continuously displays information of your choosing.

You control your Relay devices by simply logging in to an easy-to-use website and choosing the messages you'd like them to show. The original idea for Relay was a small display you could hang next to your doorbell and tell people things like not ringing the door at certain times because a baby was sleeping, where to leave any packages, when you'll be back, etc. But you can also put Relays anywhere inside or outside the home and office, wherever there's a message you might want to communicate with people, and which you might want to easily change. More fun than sticking up Post-It notes everywhere!

The Foundry Technologies Way

Foundry Technologies is driven by a unique combination of
world-class engineering and consumer product marketing expertise:


We are first and foremost an engineering-driven organization - our company was founded by Dr Alex Bugeja, an accomplished analog integrated circuit and wireless systems designer. In line with our engineering heritage, we believe in creating products which use the latest technologies but that are also robust, useful, and dependable.


The best technology is wasted unless people are made aware of it and the potential it offers. We consider the consumer marketing function in our organization to be at the heart of everything we do, because good marketing that introduces people to truly relevant products is a practice that can genuinely enhance their lives for the better, sometimes incrementally, sometimes dramatically.


We grow with our customers and align our interests with theirs, using feedback gathered from them to improve and refine our offerings. If our vision resonates with you, consider joining our team. Location is not a problem. We are a virtual company and believe in hiring the best engineering and marketing talent worldwide.